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Welcome to the professional online store for virtual currency and other in-game services such as power leveling! If you are looking for the place to buy Metin2 Yang or power leveler, you are successful as VCSale is 5 aged store that server more than 10000 players since 2005. We help the gamers to get 100% positive experiences in Metin 2.


Buy Mentin2 Yang

Get Instantly, No Learning Curve!

It's time-consuming and painful to grind Yang in Metin2 by yourself. Even your purchased decent guides. It still needs a learning curve! You have to follow the guide step by step exactly so that you are lossing the funny. That's top one feature here! You can get millions metin2 yang within 30 minutes. We grinding the money of the game all long, and stock them in our advance character. So that we can deliver gold to your M2 character quickly once your payment has been clear.

No bots, All manual, 100% Safe!

We are selling our time to you, NOT Metin Yang, because we farm the money in Metin2 with our hands. Compared with other sellers who who use bots to accelerate the yang grinding. Your Metin character is safer if you purchase on our store. If your account is being banned during 60 days of buying, we send your money back after review the banning proof.

200% Cost Performance

VCSale starts the business since 2005, and holds more than 100000 customers so far. We want to make our customers satisfactorily. 24 hours support with good english is NOT enough, competitive pricing is our firepower. Even more, we release the weekly yang coupon for our customers. If you purchase several times per month, you will be VIP, who can get the cash coupon. Keep in mind you can buy the cheapest metin2 yang from vcsale.com. If you detected the cheaper store, just inform us via email(hello[at]vcsale.com) or Live Chat.

How does the order process?

Firstly, I have to address that you need NOT to sign in/up for purchase yang, although we have a VIP program. It's simple to use the identical EMAIL address for your order. And we recommend you to add our email (no-reply[at]vcsale.com) to your conact list if you want to get the coupon code duly.

As of the order processing, we hope you enjoy our one page purchase form for metin 2 yang. Once you submit the purchase form, your order will be generated on the background no matter if we get the payment. Once your metin2 yang has been paid by PayPal or Moneybookers, the sales representative will validated your order before the delivery department put the hands on your purchase. In our continued effort to keep our community of customers safe from online fraud, we have enacted new procedures that are beneficial to all. Credit card fraud accounts for $2 billion annually. We want to do our part to help reduce this figure and create a safe environment for you. In the case that the financial institution is able to verify the billing information, the whole processing costs 10 minutes. Thanks for your understanding!

It's time to deliver Yang in Metin 2 after the billing is verified. In our statistics, it takes 20 minutes. So please keep your character living in the game or contact us via LIVE Person to schedule your instant delivery.

Grinding Yang in Metin2 is dull, so we don't think that it should be a necessary part of the game. But the money in Metin2 (always be referred as Yang) is essential for our gaming life. Fortunately, the solution is buying Metin2 yang directly. That's what our online store offers. Even it's cheap enough so most of player feel affordable. Don't hesitate, but yang for YT2 character instantly!

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